Code of conduct

WelcomeAthletes is a community service based on mutual support and sharing. Members are invited to join and take advantage of the full scope of services by upholding basis rules of courtesy and respect. Here are the 10 elements of WelcomeAthletes’ code of conduct that each member agrees to respect in order to ensure a quality service and a respectful and friendly atmosphere.

  1. Be courteous and respectful at all times

    You will host athletes or visit community members for your sporting events. They may be from another culture or speak another language but they share the same passion for sport and the same spirit of solidarity.

  2. Give clear, detailed and accurate information

    WelcomeAthletes members will get a feel of who you are based on the information provided in your profile. Make sure to give as many details as possible in your profile and keep it updated regularly. And don’t underestimate the importance of your photos (see the “Successful photo guide” section).

  3. Be reliable

    Whether you are a visiting athlete or a host, always honour your commitments. If you were supposed to host someone and an emergency prevents you from hosting them, you are responsible for finding them alternative lodging in your community (family, friends, etc.). Remember that the athlete’s race day success also depends on you!

  4. Be free to accept or deny a request for accommodation

    Don’t hesitate to exchange with other members before you make a decision. Your safety is the most important. You are free to change your mind at the last minute if you don’t feel comfortable when the athlete arrives at your place or the other way around, if you have already arrived at your host’s place.

  5. Be considerate and welcoming

    WelcomeAthletes is built on values of hospitality, mutual help and recognition. Take pride in hosting your guests in a warm atmosphere. They’ll certainly appreciate it and be grateful to you.

  6. Write reviews after your stays

    Member evaluations are important. Whether you’re a guest or a host, leave honest comments on the quality of your stay. Highlight the elements that you think will be most useful to the community, and make sure to always express yourself in a kind and respectful manner.

  7. Use WelcomeAthletes for what it is: a platform for the sports community

    Refuse requests that are not motivated by any of these objectives: Taking part in a sporting event / Training for an upcoming sporting event / Volunteering at a sporting event

  8. Enjoy a warm and authentic stay

    In addition to offering free accommodation, WelcomeAthletes is above all about providing a welcoming stay. Your host shares your passion for sports and kindly opens his home to you. Take the time to get to know him/her and to appreciate these moments.

  9. Respect members’ decisions

    Your request for accommodation can be turned down. The decision is entirely the host’s. Accept their decision.

  10. Help us help you

    Questions? Doubts? Simple curiosity? WelcomeAthletes is here to listen and help make your experience as successful as possible.