Safety tips

Check profiles carefully

Choose profiles with photos and detailed information about the member. Read the profiles carefully. Profiles can also link to the member’s other social pages (Facebook, Linkedin, Strava, etc). We encourage you to check these out as well.

Exchange with members

WelcomeAthletes encourages you to exchange with other members via its internal messaging service. Communication between members is important to ensure that everyone has an answer to all of their questions before making a commitment. Wait until you are comfortable with other members before sharing your personal email and phone number. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to the athletes contacting you for accommodation. You can ask them about the upcoming competition they need a place to stay for.

You decide!

You safety is the number one priority. You are free to change your mind at the last minute if you don’t feel comfortable when the athlete arrives at your place or the other way around, if you have already arrived at your host’s place. Through our search service, you can even look for couples/family hosts only.

Leave a comment

Comments are important because they reflect the community’s opinion on specific members. WelcomeAthletes strongly encourages you to leave a comment – positive or negative. Be as clear and honest as possible, and please be respectful at all times.