Why you will love it

Accommodation for athletes are FREE, because the sport is priceless

WelcomeAthletes relies on the solidarity between its members. Athletes are hosted for free in a spirit of conviviality and there is no money exchange between WelcomeAthletes members. We encourage reciprocity for this service to athletes to work. You benefit from the WelcomeAthletes hosting service? If you can, your turn to host an athlete who comes to your area for an event.

FREE access for 1 year

We have decided to offer the service for free the first 12 months for all registration before the end of the year 2017. Following the first year a nominal amount of 12 $ per year for unlimited use will be charged.

Like-minded members

WelcomeAthletes is unique in that it is a community of people share sharing the same passion for sports. They share the same values of solidarity and benevolence. If you happen to travel for sporting events or if you want to help the community and welcome inspiring athletes.

Ethical conduct and member evaluation system

All WelcomeAthletes members adhere to the platform’s code of ethics to guarantee a fun and unique experience between responsible and respectful individuals. This code of conduct is essential to WelcomeAthletes’ operations.

Rewards for hosts

WelcomeAthletes hosts are rewarded for their solidarity with promotional offers and reduced entry fees for certain events.